8/366: More advanced image editing with masks and layers using Photoforge2

Yesterday I learnt the basics of using masks and layers to selectively color a portion of my image while rendering the rest of the image black and white.

But the real power of masks and layers are they give you the flexibility to create really artistic photo by applying different adjustments or filters to each layer and combining objects from different photos into the one image. This is what I was keen to try….but I needed to learn to walk before running.

Today’s challenge was to combine two images into the one image using more advanced mask and layer skills using Photoforge2.

I’ve been participating in ashcroft54‘s photo app pimp challenge on Instagram so decided to combine her photo with one of my photos from our holiday.

You can check out all the different photos submitted for her ashcroft54_pimp4 challenge here. The participants are creating some amazing photos from her original photo and participating in these types of challenges are a great way of watching the different techniques people use. I found out about the challenge through my friend Developit who participates in a wide range of iphoneography challenges and competitions.

Here’s the two photo’s I used:

Original photos used

Here’s what the mask and layers looked like before creating my final image:

I adjusted the brightness/contrast, vibrance, exposure, white balance, sharpened, highlights/shadows and added a dreamy filter to both images after creating the mask to select the Yogurt factory from ashcroft54 original image.

Mask and layers used

After flattening the image I then imported it into Photogene2 to add a bit of dodge retouches. I also tried a bit of comic effects retouches.

Here’s the final version of the image I submitted for the challenge:

Final edit

However, part of me thinks the comic effects retouches is even more creative. Would love to know others’ thoughts?

Comic edit version

Fairly happy with my progress and definitely been a fun learning experience. If you would like to try it I would start with a basic mask and layering activity like I did in yesterday’s post followed by a more complicated one like today’s task.

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