4/366: Learning image manipulation using Photoforge2

Yesterday while waiting on the bus to go to our next tour stops I spent time checking out the other image editing apps on my iPhone and realized that Photoforge2, like Photogene2, saves high resolution images to your camera roll.

Photoforge2 has extensive image manipulation options including Curves, Levels, Channel Mixer, Un-Sharp Mask, Sharpen, HSL, White Balance, Shadows & Highlights, Brightness & Contrast, Exposure Adjustment, Noise Reduction, Vibrance but works very differently from Photogene2.

So today’s task was to spend time learning how to use Photoforge2 by trying each image manipulation option.

This is a very cool app. Took me a bit of time initially to appreciate how it worked. Best aspects I loved was unlike many photo apps it edits the full resolution image. While it does take longer to process it’s worth the wait.

The other aspect I really loved was the ability to compare changes you’ve made and easily convert back to a previous change.

UPDATE: I started my image editing apps journey by initially using image editors I was already familiar with. As the week progressed I learnt about resolution, it’s impact on clarity and adjusted the image editors I used accordingly by moving onto the high end image editors Photoforge2 and Photogene2.
Here’s my original photo:

Original photo

It’s a photo of a Leafy Sea Dragon at Singapore Aquarium. I choose it because it’s a bit blurred and I wanted to see if I would be able to sharpen the image, improve colors, highlights etc.

Here’s my photo after manipulating it using Photoforge2:

4/366: Learning image manipulation using Photoforge2

Here’s how to access the image adjustment options:

After manipulating with Photoforge2

Here’s how easy it is to view history and revert to previous change.

How to view previous changes

I’m posting it a day early because I’m flying tomorrow and may have limited Internet access.

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