2/366: Enhancing and fixing using Abode Photoshop Express

Image editing apps are considered “must have tools” because they include a variety of controls that allow you to alter and manipulate the image. What I love about them most is they allow you to transform a photo from one you might previously trashed into one worth keeping.

Sometimes it’s handy to enhance a photo using an image editing app before using other photography apps to transform it.

Each image editing app works slightly differently and offers different options.

Abode Photoshop Express, a free image editing app, is one of the more popular image editing apps. But it is the image editing app I’ve struggled to embrace compared to others.

My task today has been spending time enhancing a photo using Abode Photoshop Express.

I’ve learnt it really is very easy to use. Just choose the feature you want to use and drag your finger slowly across the screen to the left or right to adjust it in which ever direction you want.

Off course, in my typical Sue fashion, I’ve then started thinking about the impact of image quality when making changes using photography apps. Image quality is reduced. Does this matter? Depends on why you’re doing it. Sharing online — less of a concern but needs to be considered if you ever want to print an image (I think?).

UPDATE: I started my image editing apps journey by initially using image editors I was already familiar with. As the week progressed I learnt about resolution, it’s impact on clarity and adjusted the image editors I used accordingly by moving onto the high end image editors Photoforge2 and Photogene2.

Here’s the before photo:

Before Photoshop express

The photo was taken of Singapore Cable cars. I’ve change the exposure, saturation, highlights and cropped it.

Here’s the after photo:

After Photoshop Express

And here is how easy it is:

Just select what you want to adjust.
Select the option to adjust

Now drag your finger on the screen to make the changes.

Adjusting exposure in Photoshop Express

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